Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Am I Officially An Artist Now?

Word of my work (using unexpected papers in unusual ways--see my posts about my paper towel quilts) got around. And a friend of a friend who was asked if they knew about anyone local doing unusual things with paper referred a designer to me. We talked, and I agreed to try to do what they wanted. 

It worked out and I was commissioned by this local design studio to develop an ink-wicking-on-rice-paper process, similar to marbling. These inked rice papers were going to be used for a prix fixe restaurant's menu covers. This very much anticipated restaurant (anticipated among famous restaurant critics nationwide, anyway) was expected to open late last year, but there were a number of delays (not the least of which had to do with my rice papers). Anyway, I sold the rights to the designs (but not the process) to the design studio, ergo the restaurant, and it looks like they even used them for their website!

Okay, so this isn't a BIG deal; not really. But still, I am pretty proud that they liked my work well enough to actually use it.

What's the restaurant? It's called Otoko, y'all. Here's the link, have a look! Buy tickets! Tell them you LOVE the website and the menu design too.

Am I allowed to officially call myself an artist now?

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